Oxford Reviews is a blog that reviews novels of or similarly classified with the Young Adult genre. I choose books that I believe will interest me or many of the readers that are subscribed to my blog. In addition, the reviews I post are authentic and straightforward; they are either positive or negative. I do not hesitate to state my honest opinion of a novel: it's plot, composition, cover design, characters etc.

I would, however, like to point out that this is just my opinion. 

I  review novels, that are for the most part, within the Young Adult realm. I do, however, enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone every once in a while. 
  • I accept offers to read and review novels sent to by authors and publishers. PLEASE keep in mind, that I, once again, usually only read Young Adult novels. 
  • I never reject a novel after I've already agreed to review it. If I reach a point during my reading where I find that I cannot finish the novel, then I will write an honest review about what I was able to read.
  • I will not, under any circumstance, write a dishonest review.
  • Frequently, I am provided with two copies of  a novel, whether it be an ARC or a previously released novel. In this case, I will post my review along with a giveaway on my blog so that the readers subscribed to my blog can enter to win the novel only after they have read my review.
  • I do accept books in e-book format since I have an e-reader, however, it would be greatly appreciated if I were able to receive a hard-copy (paperback // hardcover). 
  • All requests and questions may be sent to oxfordbookreviews@gmail.com. 
I would like to begin by saying that all of the information entered is strictly confidential and only used for purposes stated in the giveaway rules. Giveaways are meant to be fun and are used as a chance for me to give back to my followers. To be a winner, all the rules stated for a specified contest must be followed, in order to fully qualify. I check. 
  • Please do not make multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning, one account per person is permitted for every giveaway. 

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