Sunday, September 30, 2012

We Are Young Mondays! (#1)

Created by: Ella @ Read into Hiding
We are Young is meme hosted by one of my fellow bloggers Ella. This meme takes place every Monday where Ella posts a childhood-related question. (What was your favorite cartoon as a child?, What is something you said a lot when you were a child? etc.) We're a bit late with this meme, but we're working on catching up. (Modified Meme)

This Week's Question:

This Week's Question -->
Do you remember your very first book read, or favorite childhood book? If yes, which one was it? 

I'm pretty sure the first book I ever read, or can remember reading was from the Biscuit series. Biscuit takes a Bath, Biscuit goes for a walk, Biscuit makes a friend, and so on. I loved Biscuit <3 I still do. When I was little the author was just pure genius to me. She even fit up to 6 words on a page. I was a big girl then, with my Huggies underpants, and what not!

Good times. Good times ~
Childhood books, anyone?